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    • 8 - 10 yrs
    • 130cm to 145cm
    • 24 x 2.12
    • Greets flat terrains like an old friend and faces bumps like a heroic commander.
    • Reminds you of the smooth suspension in action.
    • Disc brakes that decrease stopping distance and perform well in extremities.
    • Peddle into the unseen and tell the world about your feats.
    • 8 - 10 yrs
    • 130cm to 145cm
    • 24 x 1.75
    • G Sports cycles are specially designed keeping in mind for juniors who wants to have fun riding a bike outdoors.
    • Go dirt jumping and kill the harshest of dirt roads with its sturdy frame.
    • Kiss the wind and jump back right into the earth with mad awesome comfort, its suspension fork is the star here.