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    • 24 x 2.12
    • 26 x 2.125
    • Greets flat terrains like an old friend and faces bumps like a heroic commander.
    • Reminds you of the smooth suspension in action.
    • Disc brakes that decrease stopping distance and perform well in extremities.
    • Peddle into the unseen and tell the world about your feats.
    • 8 - 10 yrs
    • 130cm to 145cm
    • 24 x 1.75
    • Glides on flat terrains with its lightweight frame and keeps slopes under check with its gears.
    • Made for a lazy Sunday afternoon ride!
    • The rigid and lightweight frame make sure that you never feel the ache of a long ride.
    • Feels like breeze and glides on the road.
    • 8 - 10 yrs
    • 130cm to 145cm
    • 24 x 1.75
    SKU: 241021
    • The ZOE Series is for those looking for a comfortable and easy to handle cycle that can hold its own every time you ride out.
    • The all time best selling series comes with the life-long durability of carbon steel, safety of power V-brakes and elegance of stunning colors & graphics.
    • It comes with a front suspension, which is comfortable while riding on mud or gravel roads.