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    • 145cm to 160cm
    • 26 x 2.125
    SKU: 221021
    • G Sports Introduces Civic series an all-consuming force that no one around can ignore.
    • It is all about the power, energy and empowerment that the rider experiences while riding this bike.
    • A multi-purpose MTB that will also serve you as a city commuter.
    • Engineered with the strength and durability of hi-tensile steel, the rapid and double-walled alloy rims, and hi-traction, nylon-grip 2.1” wide tires, which instils confidence when riding on those rough terrains.”
    • 145cm to 160cm
    • 26 x 2.125
    SKU: 121021-B
    • A range of hard tail MTB with multiple specifications to pick from, G sports brings the series in 4 range.
    • We at G sports believe in bringing the best value for money options to our users.
    • Sourcing and Manufacturing happens with in the country, thereby satisfying Make India Initiative and also following our motto-Every Common Man Should be able to Afford a Gsports bike.
    • 150cm to 165cm
    • 26 x 2.12
    • G Sports Gravity is latest bicycle specifically designed for boys and girls to enjoy  learn riding.
    • Cut through crowds or peddle slowly on city streets because the frame is built for agility and the gears are made to glide.
    • Suspension that doesn’t let your body know the ruthlessness of the road.
    • Leisure or exercise, makes everything feel like a breeze.
    • 26 x 2.0
    • Go dirt jumping and kill the harshest of dirt roads with its sturdy frame.
    • Go bonkers and be the death of your dirt biking competitors.
    • Kiss the wind and jump back right into the earth with mad awesome comfort, its suspension fork is the star here.