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    • 8 - 10 yrs
    • 130cm to 145cm
    • 24 x 2.0
    SKU: 11894
    • Puts behind uneven gradients and winding roads like a maestro and lets you stay put on the rockiest of terrains.
    • Hands power in your fists like a gaming control.
    • Its disc brakes are designed with precision so you face every cliff, unafraid.
    • 150cm to 165cm
    • 26 x 2.125
    SKU: 221021-A
    • A range of hard tail MTB with multiple specifications to pick from G Sports brings the series in 4 range.
    • We at G Sports believe in bringing the best value for money options to our users.
    • Sourcing and Manufacturing happens with in the country, thereby satisfying Make India Initiative and also following our motto-Every Common Man Should be able to Afford a G Sports bike.
    • 150cm to 165cm
    • 26 x 2.125
    • The 26” full-size MTB comes with a medium-size frame developed for a teenager from 14 years to an adult who is 5ft 10inches.
    • Our MAKE IN INDIA initiative has supported us to develop a single-speed bike, with features like V brakes, Black tinted alloy rims.
    • G-Sports is a new age brand with a focus on safety, durability, comfort and style.
    • G-Sports Bicycles are crafted with passion and with a singular focus of safety.
    • 150cm to 175cm
    • 26 x 1.95
    • Unmatched comfort and style that makes heads turn wherever you go.
    • With a wicker basket that adds an aesthetic touch.
    • The excellent gears set you on a journey through the world without much effort.
    • The wider saddle gives you comfort for hours.
    • 160cm to 175cm
    • 27.5 x 2.25
    • When a powerful machine meets terrific terrains, thrill is just a corner away.
    • Our sturdy heavy-duty bikes are your mountains of trust.
    • Rip through the city’s streets or conquer the highways, the steel rigid fork stays strong, so you can keep going on.
    • 170cm to 185cm
    • 700 x 35c
    • Gsports introduces the all-new hybrid series, DALERUN, the best commute partner for you daily routines.
    • It has stability, comfort and ease of use –Built around a high tensile steel frame,
    • The bike is developed with the latest features, like Internal Cable Routing, Threadless headsets.