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    • 6 - 8 yrs
    • 115cm to 130cm
    • 20 x 2.0
    • It’s the dream bike for any kid who is taking their baby steps into the vast world of cycling.
    • It is specifically designed considering the average height of an Indian kid.
    • G Sports offers you this bike with standard default accessories like a backrest, front basket.
    • 3-8 yrs
    • 115cm to 130cm
    • 20 x 2.0
    SKU: 251121-M
    • Built smartly and designed for wild use, it has the same intellect and strength as spider boy.
    • Motivates your kid to challenge the world.
    • Wider handlebar that keeps trickiest situations in control
    • It shows your child how to hold a grip on both the bike and life.
    • 6 - 8 yrs
    • 115cm to 130cm
    • 20 x 1.75
    • G Sports strike 20  is an adorable bicycle, with a lowered frame geometry which makes it easier to hop on.
    • We guarantee a smile on your child’s face and the confidence that comes with riding this polished bicycle.
    • Additionally, we offer tool-free saddle adjustment for your growing child and an exquisite fusion of black and red which will never be out-fashioned.